The connected stock

With automatic replenishmentment

"You will never runout again and no need to think about it, FAIRstockemanage everything for you"

Some use cases for consumers

Pet food

No need to think about buying food for your pet anymore. Set a threshold, for example one week stock. Once this threshold is reached, your retailer will contact you to set up a delivery appointment.

Toilet paper

Just like anything that is cumbersome, boring to buy, but that you cannot do without on a daily basis, FAIRstocke manages your toilet paper supply for you. You will never runout again. Your retailer informs you when it is necessary to replenish it. You agree on a delivery appointment with him and you take the opportunity to do additional shopping.

Waters in bottles

In the same way, for heavy (sometimes cumbersome too), FAIRstocke offers you a replenishment - via your retailer - according to your actual consumption and not at a fixed frequency. Again, you will never runout of it and no more need to think about it

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